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Today in class we learned about if/else statements and the best ways to write them with many conditions.

== compares two variables but ignores the datatype, === checks the datatype as well.

foo = ‘1020’

A terminal application is an app ran in a terminal, like the Rock paper scissors app we did in class. It allows us to accomplish tasks on the computer without the use of the GUI

A ternary operator takes 3 commands: a condition followed by a question mark, an expression to execute if the condition is true, followed by a colon and an expression to execute if the condition is false. It can be used instead of an if statement.

Get feedback from users, have an easy to read layout, and have a good font/color scheme.

I like using div containers to help seperate out my code and keep everything organized.

Naming classes and id’s, keeping a consistent format, and always simplifying code if possible as to not repeat myself.




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