Getting Started — Class1

The thing that excites me most about coding is being able to solve a countless number of real world problems with technology. The world is becoming more and more reliant on technology so learning a skill as useful as coding will be highly beneficial for me and my future career. I think coding can change the world by continuing to automate as many things as possible and making aspects of life easier and simpler. The higher level of automation throughout the world, the more time that is freed up for even higher levels of innovation and growth.

Doctype is information passed on to the browser showing it what document type to expect. This is needed because the browser needs to know how to interpret the document in order to properly run.

The browser filters out elements of the DOM and compares it to the CSS selectors to determine matches. Browsers match css selectors from right to left, first finding the children and then checking the parent element to see if it matches the rest of the rule.

A HTML tag is used to mark the begging and end of an element. (<p> </p>)

A HTML element is the combination of the HTML start and end tag and everything in between. (<p> Hello World </p>)

While this is the official definition of the two, may times they are used interchageably.

The Cascading of css refers to the way in which certain stylesheet rules apply to which pieces of html. The rule used is chosen by cascading down from the most specific declarations to the most general declarations, with the most specific one winning out and being used.

Inline: Could be used to style a specific element. Done by adding the style attribute to the html tag

Internal: Could be used to style a single page, done by adding the style attribute in the head tag.

External: Most common/efficient method used to style large websites. Done by linking an external css file to your active html file, and styling the website inside of there.



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