Class 4

So far the thing I have found most challenging is getting started on a problem. Many times I have trouble knowing the best way to attack a problem and I think I need to work on coming up with a plan to solve problems. My first instinct is to always google the problem to find an example of how to solve it, and while that is a great tool to use, I would like to be able to be more independent as well. Usually when I am in the middle of a problem and going strong on it I have less issues, but the initial aspect of starting from scratch for whatever reason has been tough for me.

While overall I was proud of the work I did, I was also a little disappointed with the final checkpoint of 211 with the deck of cards API call. There were so many things I enjoyed and did well in the project, but I thought my final product was a little underwhelming as far as overall gameplay. The game itself played as it should and that was definitely my main focus, but I didnt add a score or a reset button to the game, just a single hand was played and then the user had to reload the page to play again. While I believe I accomplished what was meant for out of the assignment, after the fact I found myself wishing I had went above and beyond and added more to it, and that is something I think I will still do at some point.

Redirects, meta data, page speed

Use a CDN, reduce number of plugins, move website to better host, optimize size of images on website, use website caching




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