Class 12 — Prompt 206

Started to learn about the basics of using APIs and using fetch to get data from them. This has been the hardest topic for me so far to wrap my head around but I think it will become more second nature with more practice.

Pros: can reuse objects, good for sharing information, can be simpler to think about, dont have to worry about object evolution

Cons: can be difficult to build, performance may suffer

Strings and numbers are inherently immutable.

  • How do insertion sort, heap sort, quick sort, and merge sort work?All of these are different ways to attempt to sort different arrays.
  • What are the key advantages of insertion sort, quick sort, heap sort and merge sort? Discuss best, average, and worst case time and memory complexity.

Merge: pros- can be applied to any size. cons- may be less efficient

Heap: pros- efficient, can be used as an in place sorting algorithm. cons- quick sort is often more efficient, requires more space for sorting

Quick: pros- regarded as the best sorting algorithm, can deal with large list of items, no additional storage needed. cons- in certain scenarios others may work better

Insertion: pros- Simplicity, good when dealing with a small list. cons- does not perform as well as other sorting algorithms, especially with large lists.

mutable objects can be changed while immutable objects cannot.

Recursive algorithm must have a base case

Recursive algorithm must change its state and move toward the base case

Recursive algorithm must call itself, recursively




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