Class 10

Node creates child threads that run behind the scenes and do not execute any javascript code

const port = process.env.PORT || 80;

app.listen(port, () => {

console.log(‘app is listening on:’, port)


  • List out the differences between AngularJS and NodeJS.

Angular is a framework based on js used for front end development

Node js is used for running javascript applications outside the browser

Scalability, ease of use, serves both client and server side, high performance

Javascript Object Notation

Agile is a product management technique where there are small sprints with frequent quick check-ins

In scrum, work is flexible and the product evolves over time

In waterfall, everything is micromanaged and developers have limited roles/flexibility

The business analyst, developer, and tester

Alotting a maximum time for an activity. Used to keep open ended or ambiguous tasks on a set schedule

Scrum master- increase team efficiency, motivate team, ensure quality and timeliness

Product owner- Responsible for managing the backlog and ensuring the business value of the product




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